Music Operandi

[myoo-zik op-uh-ran-dahy] // music is the method
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Spooky Black - Wavey 


Luke Pickett - Loving You Is Wrong (Soft Glas Remix)

FKA Twigs - Pendulum 


Future - Move That Dope (Soft Glas Remix)


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Spooky Black — Without You 

this dude is like James Blake/Twigs/Lapalux rolled into one. 

Rush Midnight - Closer

great singer, great song and great video. also: props to these three talented dudes I’m lucky to know: Xander Robin (Director) Matt Clegg (DOP) and Mikey Rossiter (Colorist). 


War on Drugs - Suffering 

the highlight of my Monday: Ferry & Terje’s cover of one of my favorite Palmer songs

Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river 
You can hear the boats go by 
You can spend the night beside her 
And you know that she’s half crazy 
But that’s why you want to be there 
And she feeds you tea and oranges 
That come all the way from China 
And just when you mean to tell her 
That you have no love to give her 
Then she gets you on her wavelength 
And she lets the river answer 
That you’ve always been her lover 
And you want to travel with her 
And you want to travel blind 
And you know that she will trust you 
For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind